About Us


Christophe Dumarest


Between “Sky and Earth” is where he feels the best. Christophe views mountaineering as a lifestyle rather than just a sport.

Caro North

Mountaineer and Climber

Inspired by people living their dreams, Caro is an extremely motivated person who has built her life around a very diverse practice: rocks, ice, mixed climbing and skiing.

Symon Welfringer

Mountaineer and Climber

He mostly practices technical climbing. Mountain climber, guide and weather forecaster in Grenoble, he preaches the pursuit of difficulty and pleasure.

Aurélien Vaissière


Versatility is his ‘raison d’être’. He is a sedentary nomad. He is not too attached to performance. He prefers getting by with the skills he has.

Lise Billon


Hedonist and Epicurean, Lise usually doesn’t focus on the summit. She enjoys the feeling of freedom that comes with mountaineering and sharing moments with her climbing partners.

Helias Millerioux

Mountaineer and Climber

He considers beautiful things done ethically, regardless of discipline. He is inspired by people, but especially by actions.

Jordi Noguère

Skier and mountaineer

His practice is really centred around skiing. He likes to diversify his winter activities. Mountain climbing makes him feel like he’s travelling every time he goes out.