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Palace with view

The bivouac is a luxury that cannot be surpassed by any palace. An opportunity to enjoy both outside and inside with a window open to the beauty of the world. To sleep outside is to invite immensity to your door by offering yourself a room with a view of the most beautiful of works of art. Nature is a masterpiece that no gallery would compete with. This access to the most beautiful monuments, to the Samaya “fairytale gardens” makes it easier for you and gives you the key. At the bivouac, at the junction of the world below and the one above, no gilding or flourishes. The only lights are heavenly and sobriety is millions of years old. Here comfort is indexed to effort and it is the contrasts that count.
When outdoors, the shelter is a Gothic cathedral and the picnic is a banquet.
Alchemist of the fabric we try to mix art and matter, by combining couture and architecture. Palace of a thousand and one night dyneema® replaces marble and the membrane silk.

Even if under the tent no bedding, but “heaven for blanket and earth for pillow. ”
Happiness closer to simplicity and sobriety than the connected gadget.
Samaya offers its palaces and five-star rooms open all year round and without reservation, including room service at altitude.
Prepare for timeless experiences for eternal memories.

offer the most beautiful piece of art

Treat yourself to a room with a view of the most beautiful piece of art. Sleeping outside is inviting immensity to your door … the dreamy and accessible photo.

. and if we changed how we relate to luxury?

Bringing together haute couture and architecture design, silence, beauty and sobriety, more than simply décorative and opulence … here is our proposal for a room with a view.

. the redefined comfort

True luxury is not always where you expect it. The effort that gives rest its full value and gives it its real luxury …

. the gardens of the most beautiful palaces are elsewhere

The bivouac is a privilege that cannot be rivaled by any palace. Direct and privileged access to nature has more value than any stay in a palace …

.“a man is rich with everything he can do without. No money is required to buy what is necessary for the soul”.

A luxury that no billionaire could afford …