[Product] Dyneema® fiber presentation

Posted on 2020-07-07 16:42:07 in news


History of the Dyneema® 

The Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a high-density polyethylene. Their extremely long molecular chain makes it possible to obtain the most resistant materials among all the thermoplastic compounds.

In 1963 the chemist Dr. Albert Penning, the forerunner of the discovery of fiber, asked the following question: “If these chains are the longest, they must also be the strongest… ». By 1968, he was able to extract strands in the form of a filamentary material. Kevlar was already known as THE strong and light fiber. Since Dutch State Mines (DSM) was not a fiber manufacturing company, it was difficult for them to announce themselves as the new “magic fiber” and to move from artisanal to industrial production.

So it was only in 1978 that DSM asked Paul Smith, a former student of Penning, and Piet Lemstra to look into the manufacturing process developed by Dr. Penning. A stirrer had been created and means had been made available, but they were still unable to increase production. A patent was finally filed in 1979.

DSM has partnered with the Japanese company Toyobo to be able to market this fiber. In 1990, Dyneema® had established itself as the world’s strongest fiber.

In 1992, the name Cuben Fiber was used for the first time in the American press. The America³ (pronounced America Cubed), winner of the America’s cup, was equipped with a sail made from the ancestor of the current Dyneema®.

At that time, DSM decided not to go ahead with the project. In 2015, DSM Dyneema, a subsidiary of DSM, takes over the project. « The Dyneema Project » was then launched to try to find every single possible applications for Dyneema®.


Different uses 

Dyneema® fiber is nowadays present in sports equipment, the medical sector, occupational safety or law enforcement (e.g. ballistic vests), always with the common objective of increasing the durability of a product, its performance and reducing its weight.

The fiber 

Dyneema® fiber is a high molecular weight polyethylene. It is the strongest fiber in the world. For the same weight, it is 15 times stronger than steel, yet it still floats on water. For the same strength, it is 30% lighter than polyamide (e.g. nylon) and 45% lighter than aramid (Kevlar®).

With its unrivalled lightness/strength ratio, Dyneema® fiber is :

– Hardly culpable

– Unmatched tensile strength

– Very resistant to abrasion due to its very low coefficient of friction

– Does not cause skin irritation and is easily washable

– Hydrophobic (impregnates with only 0.2% water)

– UV resistant, will not turn yellow or lose its physical properties

Whether knitted, woven or assembled in composites, Dyneema® fiber can be used as a reinforcement with almost any material.

The Dyneema composite

Dyneema® composite fabrics are made of superpositions of multiple differently oriented filaments and laminated between two layers of Mylar. The filaments provide the mechanical properties and the Mylar guarantees the tightness and cohesion of the layers.

The grammage of the composite depends on the number of filaments. The higher is the grammage, the stronger the composite will be. Mylar ensures the impermeability of the composite.

The Dyneema project 


The strongest and lightest fiber was discovered by chance in 1963. It then took 27 years before it could be commercialized. The Dyneema project is dedicated to pioneers, game changers and innovators in the world of fashion, sport and lifestyle. It is an elite programme that only invites brands that strive to lead the way in product innovation to collaborate with them.

The composite of the Samaya2.5

The Samaya2.5 is composed of a Dyneema® composite laminated with Mylar. Dyneema® fibers oriented at 90° to each other ensure the durability of the floor. The two laminated Mylar films provide a waterproofness of 20,000 Schmerber.

The combination of the extreme strength of Dyneema® and the properties of Mylar significantly reduces the risk of tearing, puncturing and abrasion, while reducing weight and bulk. This composite is considered to be the strongest of all ultralight textiles. In addition to its unrivalled physical properties, Dyneema® composite is easy to repair.